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Registration Now Open for Summer Box Lacrosse

Summer Box Lacrosse League

WHO: All ages Youth to College to Older and Wiser

WHERE: Bethlehem YMCA Indoor Ice Rink

WHAT: No-Crosschecking, No-Slashing, Introductory Box Lacrosse League YOU DO NOT NEED A NEW HELMET OR ANY OTHER NEW PADS

WHEN: June 16th -July 31st (Under 9 years old: Once per week, Over 9 years old: Twice per week)

WHY: It’s Fun!

Anyone that has played lacrosse can tell you it’s different than any other sport. We look forward to sharing our passion for the Medicine Game with you in this fun and fast paced version of lacrosse.

Game play most resembles that of basketball

5v5: More play time and every player has a larger role on the floor vs 10v10 field lacrosse

Smaller goals + Larger Goalies = Better Finishers

Boards: Balls never go out of bounds, more touches, faster game play, improve your skills faster

Smaller playing field and 30 second Shot Clock: Learn how to properly use space and improve your lacrosse IQ

No Slashing, No Crosschecking: The focus of the league is to improve everyone’s skills and knowledge.

“A Great Check is cheered by both sides, because it’s nice and clean, it’s a part of the game, both combatants come together and boom, there’s nothing dirty about it, it’s respected. There was no slashing. As a matter of fact, if you went out there and deliberately did that you’d almost be shunned, because you don’t do that. This is the creators game” –Delomor Jacobs, Cayuga Faithkeeper, Six Nations Reserve


Matt Johnson, Head Coach Hudson Valley, Region III Coach of the Year, Currently plays box for Akwesasne Bucks, Tewaaraton Watch List UAlbany ’11, Bethlehem ’07

Alex Linder, Offensive Coordinator Hudson Valley, Currently plays box for Akwesasne Bucks, 2x All American Ottawa University ’17, Colonie ’13

Which Division is right for me?

By Birth Year

2016-Peanuts: Sunday Afternoons
2015-Peanuts: Sunday Afternoons
2014-Paper Weight: Sunday Afternoons
2013-Paper Weight: Sunday Afternoons
2012-Tyke: Sunday Afternoons
2011-Tyke: Sunday Afternoons
2010-Novice: Wednesday and Sunday Evenings
2009-Novice: Wednesday and Sunday Evenings
2008-Pee Wee: Wednesday and Sunday Evenings
2007-Pee Wee: Wednesday and Sunday Evenings
2006-Bantam: Wednesday and Sunday Evenings
2005-Bantam: Wednesday and Sunday Evenings
2004-Midget: Monday and Thursday Evenings
2003-Midget: Monday and Thursday Evenings
2002-Junior: Monday and Thursday Evenings
2001-Junior: Monday and Thursday Evenings
2000-Junior: Monday and Thursday Evenings
1999-Junior: Monday and Thursday Evenings
1998-Junior: Monday and Thursday Evenings
1997-Senior: Monday and Thursday Evenings

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Posted by Lax Jitsu on Sunday, May 26, 2019
Gary Govel
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