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Time to revisit crease violations?

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Watching Saturday’s final four games was great. The games lived up to championship weekend and the ending of the Denver\Maryland game was crazy. Within the final 1:30 we had two unbelievably athletic plays that were goals on the field, come off the board for crease violations after the ball hit the back of the net.

The calls on the field were the right calls by referee Matt Palumb as written in the rule book, but it makes us wonder does this need to be revisited?

When the rule changed, it was to protect goalies from diving players into the cylinder. Neither of these 2 plays we saw today put the goalie at risk. Maryland senior, Colin Heacock’s goal was an amazing display of athletic ability catching a tough pass in itself and then beating the goalie while he launched himself for an angle and to avoid stepping in the crease. He even swung his body in mid air to try to avoid landing in the crease , but he could not avoid his right cleat catching the line, causing the goal to be disallowed.

Denver’s Connor Donahue’s appearing tying goal was equally amazing. He attacked the cage hard and fought off a last effort stick check by Tim Muller, changed cross handed in mid air to beat Dan Morris high. His momentum did not take him far enough past the crease and it was an easy call for the officials to make.

I’m all for protecting the goalies in the cylinder, but I think the letter of the law needs to be revisited this offseason.  Being a former attackman I may be a bit biased 😉

But those goals were both amazing feats of athleticism that deserved to be rewarded, especially since the goalie was in no danger of being run into on either of them. That’s just my opinion , what are your thoughts?


Colin Heacock’s Disallowed Goal

Connor Donahue’s Disallowed Goal

Donahue’s apparent score is called for in the crease, & Maryland survives 9-8. They’re playing in their 3rd straight straight title game

Gary Gait starts it all with the Air Gait 

Mike Tesoriero
Shaker graduate, Herkimer All-American Attackman 1991 & UAlbany Attackman 1993 Vice President Youth Revolution Lacrosse Program & coach