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Q&A with Dan Cohen of Neon Bandits – Action Lifestyle Socks

Dan Cohen, co-founder of Neon Bandits, recently took the time to answer some questions for Capital District Lax.  Neon Bandits is an action lifestyle sock brand, whose products you are sure to see on a local lacrosse field very soon!

How did Neon Bandits get started, and why the sock business?

DC: At the time myself and my sister Sammy (who is my co-founder) were working full-time in the sports apparel / retail segment. I was a retailsignage-webMarketing Manager for a sports apparel brand and Sammy was working in retail consulting. One night, we are chatting and one thing led to another when we both came to the realization that there was a need in the marketplace for a well-designed functional sock that had some swag to it. We identified three different types of socks- athletic socks, dress socks, and lifestyle socks. Athletic socks were made to work out in but most people were wearing a simple white or black tube sock (i.e. they had no swag). Dress socks were made to go to work in and could be funky but had no functionality. Lifestyle socks were and are popular, but, well don’t really have a purpose, as they are not functional enough to workout in and in some cases could not even be worn to work.

So we set-out to create an all-in-one sock- something that you could wear while working out or while hanging out in everyday life. We both had the experience in the field and have always been into cool gear so we saw a need that we both had knowledge in and went for it.

Tell us a little about Neon Bandits’ products?

DC: All Neon Bandits feature a breathable mesh-arch so when you workout your foot can breathe. One trait of most socks that drove us nutswas when we were working out, feeling your foot soak in your own sweat because your sock was suffocating your foot.  That does not happen with Neon Bandits. Additionally, all of our socks feature a padded heal and foot so you get that new sock feeling every time you put them on. Finally, all of our socks will not slip down your leg. As a basketball player growing up, I hated when my sock would slip down my leg, so we designed Neon Bandits to have the perfect amount of elasticity so they will not fall down your leg.

In terms of the style- the name Neon Bandits lends itself to being bright and bold- and that is exactly what our designs and colors are meant to do. We want people to stop and stare at your socks when you are working out or hanging out.

Our hexagon logo and designs are a play-off of chemicals from the periodic table, so you will see that hexagon incorporated into our designs.

gonzaga-laxTell us about the partnerships you are developing with select college lacrosse programs.

DC: Last year, we worked with the Notre Dame (men’s), Gonzaga (men’s + women’s) and UMass Lowell (women’s) MCLA teams. Notre Dame wore our Dawson and Flip designs and Gonzaga and UMass wore our Ozz designs. We are in talks with a few additional teams to outfit them for the Spring season for this year.

Do you expect to offer custom products to other organizations (including high school and club lacrosse programs) in the future?

DC: This is something that we are offering now. If a team wanted to customize one of our designs by color we can offer that. We are actually working with a few athletic training facilities in this capacity now. We do have minimums that we need to hit with our factory, but we are able to customize by color. If your team is interested in a customized sock drop us a note at!

Will Neon Bandits be offering any other products in addition to your Action Lifesytle sock line in the future?

DC: Right now we are focused on socks only. We have talked about expanding our product line in the future, but right now we are only focusing on socks.

Where can our readers learn more about, and shop for Neon Bandits’ products?

The easiest place to #grabapair is on our website ( We are also being sold at a host of retail stores across the country, including ComLax.  For more info, check out the Neon Bandits brand video below:

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