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Q&A with Jeff Serge: Behind the Scenes at Mercury Screen Printing

As an alum of the Colonie High School and Siena College lacrosse programs, and with his extensive background in the world of lacrosse retailing, Jeff Serge is a fixture in the Capital District Lacrosse community.

Jeff recently took the time to answer some questions for Capital District Lax.

Your father, brother, and sister also play lacrosse.  How did being part of a lacrosse family help you develop as a player?

JS: Since my father played lacrosse, my brother, sister and I were more or less introduced to the sport from birth.  For other kids, they may see lacrosse and want to try it, but for us the game was always a part of our lives.  My father put a lot of hard work and energy into working with us – mentoring, coaching, and developing our skills.  My good friend Kevin Leveille grew up with the game the same way – only we all don’t have that world class talent!!

You have extensive experience in the lacrosse equipment retailing business.  In your opinion, what developments/new technologies in lacrosse equipment have had the biggest impact on the game over the years?

JS: Probably since the introduction of plastic heads, the biggest development has been offset heads.  A lot of recent changes may appear to be more cosmetic, but the product development has really come very far.  There is a competitive nature to product development and the manufacturers are always striving to improve what they offer.  High tech materials, like that used in the aerospace industry for example, are now being used in heads, shafts, and protective equipment.

You are still an active lacrosse player.  Tell us a little about where you’re playing now?

JS: Right now, I’m mostly playing for fun in local men’s leagues.  My business, Mercury Screen Printing, also sponsors a team in the Mohawk Lacrosse Summer League.  Our team has made it to the league finals for the last five years.  As long as I can still be competitive, I plan to continue playing with that team.  Mercury Screen Printing also sponsors a tournament team with a roster mostly made up of former D1 lacrosse players.  We recently won both the “Gotta Believe” tournament in Syracuse, and the “Matty D” tournament at IAS in Massachusetts.  The Lake Placid tournament is always something to look forward to each summer as well.

Tell us a little about Mercury Screen Printing and the services that you offer to the lacrosse community?

JS:  Mercury Screen Printing has been in operation for about two and a half years now.  After growing up as a lacrosse player, getting into the business side of the game was a natural step for me.  In addition to screen printing team apparel, pinnies, and other items that people are pretty familiar with, we also offer sublimated uniforms by Under Armour, as well as Under Armour lacrosse equipment.  About seventy five percent of our current business is lacrosse related, in large part from my connections to the lacrosse community.  Our customers include colleges, high schools, clubs, and youth organizations.  Some of our more well known lacrosse clients are the Albany Power, and LB3’s Atlanta based, and national teams.  We also work with several corporate clients, and are always eager to serve customers from other niches in the market.  We are committed to customer service, including politeness, and promptness.  We are excited about our business, and appreciate our customers.

Something I’m very proud of is Mercury Screen Printing’s web based Team Stores.  When I launched Mercury Screen Printing, I put a lot of effort and resources into developing a Team Store interface that would work very well for our customer organizations, the individual members of the teams within an organization, and of course our company.  We say the Team Stores are as easy as 1-2-3.  1 – you provide us with your logo, 2 – tell us what items you want, and 3- tell us how long you want your store to be open.  If an organization doesn’t have a logo, our in-house design staff can work with the customer to develop one.

Team Stores are great because they allow organizations to focus on other things that need attention, rather than the details of apparel orders.  Since individual team members are ordering directly through our site, the organization doesn’t have to worry about order forms, payments, deadlines, and distribution of the ordered items.  Another great element to our Team Stores is our ability to quickly add popular items.  We track overall sales trends, and when we identify items that are selling well for other organizations we can add them to the Team Stores that don’t already include them.  Many organizations which utilize Team Stores use them for fundraising, where Mercury Screen Printing gives a percentage of the sales back to the organization.  Our ability to add popular items to a Team Store can be important to fundraising as it results in more sales, and therefore a larger fundraising return back to the organization from Mercury Screen Printing. As the lacrosse season approaches, we’ll have upwards of thirty Team Stores simultaneously up on our website.

How does your experience as an athlete help you better serve Mercury Screen Printing’s customers?

JS: Great question!  My background as an athlete makes me want Mercury Screen Printing to be the best it can be.  The business is run like a team – everyone has their own important role, but everyone is also willing to do whatever necessary to get the job done.

Will we be seeing Mercury Screen Printing at any lacrosse tournaments or other events?

JS: Mercury Screen Printing will be appearing as a vendor at as many as thirty six tournaments this summer, including Lake Placid.  Mercury Screen Printing Director of Events, Ian MacMaster will be our primary representative at these tournaments.  Our tournament merchandise offerings will include a full line of Under Armour apparel and equipment, collegiate gear, and event specific items.  We also offer onsite screen printing.  This is a great service to event organizers, as it removes the risk of overproduction.  We can print the quantities of items that the sales are demanding, rather than the organizer being left with a surplus of unsold merchandise.

For more information, contact:

Jeff Serge, President
Mercury Screen Printing
12 Vatrano Road, Albany

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