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Q&A With UAlbany Alum Cody Futia

Guilderland High School grad Cody Futia began his collegiate lacrosse career at UAlbany in 2011 playing in 14 games as a defenseman, including three as a starter.  In his sophomore season, Cody emerged as a regular starter – a role he would maintain throughout the remainder of his college lacrosse career.  He served as a cornerstone of the Danes’ defense, earning All-America East Second Team honors in his sophomore, junior, and senior seasons.  Off the field, he earned America East All-Academic Team honors in his junior and senior seasons.  He was further honored with the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for having a cumulative 3.71 GPA, was a finalist for the Yeardley Reynolds Love (YRL) Unsung Hero Award, and a finalist for the America East Man of the Year Award in 2014.

Cody recently took the time to answer some questions for Capital District Lax.

Tell us what you’ve been up to since graduating from UAlbany in 2014?

CF: Since I graduated from UAlbany, I have been working as a personal trainer at VENT Fitness in Guilderland, NY.

As a former Division 1 lacrosse player, and current athletic performance professional, what are your thoughts on young athletes specializing in a single sport vs. playing multiple sports?

CF: Personally I’ve always been a firm believer in playing multiple sports while you’re young and have the ability to.  I feel that every sport has something to offer, what I mean by this is that one aspect of my game as a defenseman was my smash and bash style of play, which I really developed and used when I was playing football throughout high school.  On the other hand though once I knew I was going to be playing lacrosse at the next level, I withdrew from other sports to allow myself more time to focus on lacrosse, as well as limit my risk of injury.

How important is lifestyle to the success of a young athlete?

CF: Lifestyle is extremely important to the success of a young athlete, I would never want to disrespect the hard work I’ve already done by cutting corners in other aspects of my life.  You should not only strive to be the best on the field, but in everything else that you do.

What advice do you have for student athletes transitioning from high school to college academics and athletics?

CF: It may sound like I’m beating a dead horse but for all student athletes out there…you’re a student first, then an athlete.  When I was a high school athlete I tried to have the same competitive mindset off the field as I did on the field.  I wanted to not only be the best on the field I wanted to be the best in the classroom.  I also didn’t want to limit where I could go, when it came time to decide where I wanted to play at the next level, all because I didn’t have the grades to get into a certain school.

Were there any additional pressures on you playing in front of your home town crowd at UAlbany?

CF: Honestly there wasn’t any additional pressure playing in front of everyone from my hometown.  Tim Cox (a fellow hometown hero from Schenectady) can attest to that.  If anything I’d say I was fortunate to have the extra support from my home town.

As a UAlbany defenseman, how did practices change for you when Lyle Thompson moved from midfield to attack?

CF: When Lyle move from midfield to attack, it was a dream come true for the UAlbany mens’ lacrosse team….and a nightmare for the defense.  The kid is hands down the best player I have ever had the opportunity to play with and I’m grateful for that.  He helped take our defense to the next level by forcing us to play better since we had to play against him almost every day at practice.

 How does it feel to see an offensive player (Kyle McClancy) now wearing the number 40 that you previously wore on defense for the Great Danes?

CF: It feels great to see Kyle McClancy wear the number 40 because finally the number 40 is scoring some goals.  After a four year drought when it came to scoring for the number 40 I’m glad he chose to represent that number, and also has done a phenomenal job since he has been wearing it.  As an alumni all you can hope for and all you want to see is the continued success of the program so I couldn’t be happier when I see him wearing it.

What game is most memorable to you from your four years at UAlbany?

CF: The most memorable game in my career would have to be when we beat Hopkins at Homewood.  Not only did my roommate Doug Eich score the game winning goal in a thrilling fashion, but I feel like no one thought we could pull it off, besides everyone on the team and in the locker room before the game.

Is there a strong UAlbany Lacrosse alumni network?

CF: The alumni network is phenomenal at Albany.  Everyone is so close and it feels like I’ve known some of these alumni for years.  Everyone is always willing to give back to the program and help out whenever they can.  

For information on personal/athletic performance training with Cody, visit VENT Fitness.

Gary Govel
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